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Just like your home, your car is a prized asset. Even the thought of “damage or engine failure” due to an accident or any other reason can be dreadful. But it doesn’t mean that your car or vehicle will never meet an accident, break down, or require towing for mandatory repairs.

This means no matter how carefully you drive, breakdowns and collisions can happen at any time. In these trying times, you need instant roadside assistance to deal with the mishap. Before you can get back on the road after a collision or accident, you need roadside assistance. 

While you may have tons of choices for towing service Hewitt, it is pivotal that you rely on one that specializes in handling cars in the worst situations. J&J Towing, in this regard, are experts in Hewitt, New Jersey, to help you deal with plenty of issues your car may encounter on the road.

J&J Towing, in Passiac county works with competent mechanics and towing experts who know how to handle broken vehicles. Whether you’re looking to get a tire change, lockout services, or a jumpstart, or wrecker service, experts from J&J Towing can serve you on the spot and tow your car safely.

J&J Towing, NJ promises the best roadside assistance so that you can feel stress-free and rest assured that your car is in safe hands.

What Happens When You Don’t Hire a Professional Towing Service?

Are you a DIY junky who tries to do everything on your own? While it’s great to take on a challenge every once in a while, don’t bite off more than you can chew. The same applies to towing cars. 

Keep in mind that cars are heavy and big, thereby requiring extra force to transport from one place to another. When you try to tow it without the right equipment, it can be more dangerous than you think. Trying to tow your car yourself puts you at risk of the following dangers. 

Car may Lose Control

As mentioned above, towing is dangerous and requires a specific set of skills. If you’re not an expert or have never towed a car before, it may easily lose control and may hurt people or damage things. That is why hiring towing professionals is necessary. They have proper training, which allows them to properly secure and tow vehicles. 

Furthermore, they’re aware of precautions to ensure your vehicle doesn’t get hit by other cars on the street. 

Wrong Equipment may Damage the Car

Inexperienced drivers often attach the towing chains to any part of their car and just pull. This may damage the car and increase the risk of breakdown anywhere on the road. Professional towing services use proper equipment or tools to secure the car in the right place. 

J&J Towing, for example, uses a flatbed tow truck to tow vehicles, which are great to keep them safe. Also, they use various accessories to secure vehicles and load them on the tow truck. This ensures a “risk-free towing” service.

Benefits You Get when Hire a Professional Towing Service Near You

Certified Towing Services

The certified towing company employs trained professionals and is also equipped with the right towing tools and accessories. Hiring a reliable towing service is one way to rest assured that your car will be towed safely. A reputable towing service, such as J&J Towing, NJ, tows vehicles of varying sizes and weights using appropriate tools.

Fuel Delivery

Most drivers need fuel delivery, especially when traveling long distances. However, pushing the limits of your car is not always the right thing to do when you have a long way to go. That is why towing services in Passiac county offers hassle-free and instant fuel delivery. Regardless of your location in Hewitt, NJ, you get quick fuel delivery. 

Tire Change

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free drive? While that sounds amazing, it’s close to impossible as anything can happen when you’re out on the road. 

Reliable roadside assistance, in this regard, can be of great help when you need a tire change. Whether your car doesn’t have a spare tire or you’re too tired to do it yourself, getting in touch with a towing service in Passiac, the county is a wise idea. 

J&J Towing, NJ, for instance, offers 24/7 assistance whether it is day or night. Waiting is not worth the risk if you’re traveling with your family. Call over skilled technicians to get your tire changed within minutes.


When hiring a reliable towing company, you don’t have to worry about a failing battery ruining your plans. 

Companies like J&J Towing, New Jersey, ensure that you get professional jumpstart service whenever your vehicle’s battery dies. The technicians not only come to rescue your car when you’re stuck on the road, but also use high-quality jumpstart cables to provide the best services in Hewitt.

Lockout Services

Not every towing company offers a lockout service. That is why you must be vigilant when choosing a roadside assistance service and pick one that can help you out with the small issues. And locking your car keys inside the car is not an exception.

Towing services in NJ such as J&J Towing, are professionals, offering instant assistance if you drop your keys or lock them inside. All you need is to get in touch with J&J Towing by calling on their toll-free number.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, expert technicians can provide excellent roadside assistance services. If you’re browsing the internet for the best “towing near me”, contact J&J Towing to enjoy all the services at a reasonable cost. The leading towing service provider in Hewitt NJ is your go-to option whenever you need instant roadside assistance.

You can get in touch J&J Towing or find out more about the services by calling on 973-670-9550.

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