Flatbed Services in Passaic County, NJ

At J & J Towing, we have been working with customers in need of roadside assistance in the Passaic County, New Jersey area for over 27 years. In that time we have experienced many people who are unfamiliar with the different levels of towing services that we offer. One of the emergency roadside services that we proudly offer is flatbed towing services. Many people may not know what sets flatbed towing apart from other roadside service options. Here you will find everything you need to know about the flatbed services that are offered by J & J Towing.

What is Flatbed Towing Service?

Over the years, the service of car towing has evolved a great deal. One of the major evolutions in the towing service industry has been the introduction of flatbed tow trucks. Flatbed tow trucks are a safe and convenient option for towing your vehicle when it has been in any kind of roadside emergency situation. The way flatbed towing works is easy. First, the truck comes equipped with a cable that hooks under your vehicle so it may trail behind the truck. The truck then raises your car onto a platform and carries it for the duration of the tow. This means that there is no contact between your car and the road during the trip. This is especially convenient if your car has been in an accident. Flatbed towing will ensure that no further damage is done to your vehicle for the length of the trip.

Why Should You Choose to Utilize Flatbed Towing Services?

There are many reasons why a flatbed to truck should be used for a vehicle instead of a traditional tow truck. While J & J Towing offers a variety of towing options for you, we believe that our flatbed services in Passaic County, New Jersey offer many different kinds of advantages. Some of the reasons that we think that flatbed towing services are the best way to go include:

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Flatbed towing services are probably the safest option for your vehicle when it comes to emergency roadside towing. While we believe that this is true for any car, it is especially true for cars that cannot be easily towed by a traditional tow truck. This is mostly because in flatbed towing services, your vehicle will remain completely off of the road for the entire length of the trip. Flatbed towing will protect your vehicle’s tires and prevent them from weaving unevenly on the road. This will prevent further damage being done to your car. If your car has been totaled, the risk of further damage is far greater if you use a traditional tow truck. By using a flatbed tow truck, you ensure that there will be no further damage to your car, or to other cars on the road. This is the safest option for you and your vehicle.

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Versatile Towing Options

A strong advantage of utilizing flatbed services as opposed to traditional tow truck services is that there is a variety of towing options with flatbed services. Traditional tow trucks are only equipped to tow one car at a time. With flatbed towing services, multiple vehicles can be towed at one time. This can include cars, trucks, SUVs, classic cars, and even motorcycles. Flatbed towing is a great option

Keeping Your Vehicle In Tact

Oftentimes, after a severe roadside emergency, cars tend to get bent out of their original shape. This is unfortunately the case in many major accidents. A traditional tow truck might allow your car to become even more misshapen as it is pulled over the road with just a chain and hook. By utilizing flatbed services in Passaic County, New Jersey, you will prevent your car from getting any further misshapen after a bad accident. Although a flatbed tow truck can tow any kind of car, it is especially convenient for a car that has been in a bad accident.


Other methods of towing, such as traditional hook and chain tow trucks, can cause damage to your vehicle’s transmission. T J & J Towing, we want to be sure that your vehicle arrives at its destination safely and securely. Damage done to your car with a traditional tow truck can happen because of the pressure that is required to pull your vehicle. In order to keep more damage from happening to your vehicle, we advise that you utilize flatbed towing services. With flatbed tow truck services, it is more convenient to just pull your vehicle onto the platform. Utilizing a flatbed service is also more convenient for other drivers on the road. This method of towing makes for a more convenient and secure travel for your vehicle in an emergency roadside situation.

There are many reasons to consider utilizing a flatbed towing service from J & J Towing in Passaic County, New Jersey. Here at J & J Towing, we value the safety and loyalty of all of our customers. If you would like to know more about our various towing options, including flatbed towing services, please contact us today!

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